Day 4

It was both exciting and a little sad to see the last day of The Wall Project come. Thanks again to Jim Janknegt and his family for their hard work on the stunning final product! Thanks to everyone who participated through painting, drawing, singing, writing, and certainly to those unsung heroes who helped with logistics.

Day 3

Thanks to Dominic Edison for these shots. Also more video coming soon!

New Gallery from Day 2

Thanks Bill Taylor for these excellent shots!

Day Two

Another awesome day! I’m telling you folks, it is a totally fun scene and you should try to come hang out for a while. It’s low key, music of various genres can be heard from all directions, and great people keep dropping in off the street to talk about art, life and the intersections thereof. Its warm and sunny and people are in a good mood.

As I mentioned in the previous post, World Magazine did a story on our project and it appeared on their SXSW coverage site. This has made our statistics go through the roof, for what its worth.

A ministry called ImagineArt came by with some artists with disabilities to enjoy the vibe and watch the production. Jim and his assistants continued to do yeoman’s work on the mural, making great progress. And meanwhile dozens of people came drifting over toward the display, drawn like moths from a mossy black forest towards a glowing warm lantern at a camp site. They stared trying to interpret the mural, they took photos, they asked what was going on. Those with some Sunday School background could pick out the paralytic lowered through the roof, the woman who touched Jesus’ robe, healing of blind eyes and more.

A number of other artists contributed during various segments of the day painting in the border of the mural, and adding to the visual and written journals. It is by no means too late to sign up to participate! We still need people just to be present to talk to passer-by, or pray. We also have some performance art coming up in the next couple of days, but plenty of space in the schedule for more. Seriously. Don’t be shy.

And if you have photos or video, send it to me. I will put it up here if it’s halfway decent.